Halim Richard Maamari
Water and Landscapes
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  • Ground water modelling
  • Second Version of Bucket Model Tool

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      Water Successful management of water requires accurate knowledge of hydroinformatics systems .

      A part from design my area of expertise is to integrate hydroinformatics systems using the latest technologies and tools, and provide expert advice to managers in such areas as river basin and flood management, various aspects of urban water and aquatic environment that are especially important in the context of disaster management and climate change..

      Landscape Sustainable landscaping comprises numerous practices that address environmental issues related to the design, construction, implementation, and management of residential and commercial landscapes.

      Sustainability Issues for Landscaping include: Global Climate Change, Air Pollution Water Pollution, Water Shortages and Drought, Stormwater Management, Pesticide Toxicity,Soil Health, Fertilizer Run-off, Non-Renewable Resources and Energy Usage.